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The management at Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc. believes our employees should continually learn and grow in our industry. In order for us to achieve our safety and quality goals, our training goal must be aligned with our training programs for our employees.  Along with completing mandated hours of training, we provide in-house training, and encourage our employees to participate in training provided by local unions.

Training Commitments:

We will train all employees on policies and procedures that pertain to their individual jobs. 

We will continually update our training program to address new employees, transfers, changes in responsibility or position, annual requirements.

We will complete a needs assessment for each position whose work activities can have an environmental or safety impact.

We will ensure every employee is up to date with required training.

We will document showing the current training/competence status of each employee as it pertains to Safety and Healthy work activities.

We will ensure training is performed by qualified instructors based on knowledge, experience and skills of the instructor.

Training Requirements (not limited to):

Fall Protection

Confined Space

Lead Exposure/Abatement

Danger tag/Tag out program

Respiratory protection program

Health and Safety Specifics

We believe procedures are established and maintained to make employees aware of:

The importance of following Operation Excellence Management Systems(OEMS) policies and procedures

Safety and Health aspects of their work activities

Their roles and responsibilities associated with the OEMS

Consequences of departure from specified operating procedures