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Quality Goal

Management at Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc. believes that every accident or environmental incidences are caused by unsafe condition or an unsafe action and that every such accident can be avoided.

Our Quality goal consists of an injury free, accident free, and damage free record.  Our goal is aggressive, but we are committed to working together to prevent accidents and environmental incidences from happening.

Vehicle accidents and work related injuries and illness bring pain and suffering, as well as causing economic loss to the company.  We are committed to protecting our employees and the environment as much as possible from suffering and loss.

We believe focusing on quality procedures will eliminate accidents and environmental incidences and will help us achieve our quality goal.

Quality Policy commitment:

We will comply with all laws, requirements and regulations that apply to our business.

We will provide a safe, healthy, efficient workplace and meet all the legal requirements to protect the safety of our employees, workplace and the environment.

We will design, operate, and maintain our facilities in a manner that manages risk to our employees and the community.

We will continuously improve the health, environmental, safety, and operational integrity of our operations.

We will review our operations for opportunities to prevent pollution, conserve energy, and implement those opportunities where appropriate.

We will set performance targets and review performance against targets and objectives at least quarterly.

We will provide the personnel and resources to be able to implement this policy.

We will engage every employee in meeting our objectives

We will communicate this policy to employees, contractors and outside interested parties of the organization.

We will ensure every employee of Steel Suppliers Erectors is aware of their role in maintaining safe, health, and efficient working conditions.

We will be proactive in establishing and maintaining safety rules designed to prevent accidents and environmental incidences.

We are committed in training our employees to be responsible for performing their work in a safe and environmental friendly manner, for operating their vehicles in a safe fashion and in accordance with all laws, and to use all prescribed safety equipment as instructed.